Shocking confession: Most people are infected with parasites. Parasites are the cause of serious diseases! There is salvation, but everyone is silent about it! Who benefits from this?

Dr Barbara O'Neill is a senior pathologist at University Hospital Canberra with 40 years of experience.

We know how to stop this terrible epidemic, completely rid the body of parasites, and save hundreds of lives, but everyone is silent about this preparation. Who benefits from this?

An exclusive interview especially for America TV with the chief local historian, Doctor of Natural Sciences, Professor Barbara O'Neill.

— Hello, Barbara. Glad to see you! In my opening speech, I must admit that you shocked me. I still can't get your words out of my head:

"People think the worms will eat them when they die, but in reality, the worms eat them from the inside while they are still alive."

— This is true. Almost 90% of the time I see a terrible picture at autopsy. The bodies of the dead are infected with parasites! They are not only in the gastrointestinal tract, as many people think. Parasites often live in the lungs, heart, liver, and even in the brain!! Parasites attack internal organs, and the larvae feed on the tissues of living people!

Cases of parasite infection and risks

— Yesterday I performed an autopsy: A 51-year-old woman was admitted to the surgical intensive care unit with a heart attack. The cause of death was numerous stenoses (narrowing of blood vessels). And then such “beauty” was noted on the x-ray. After opening the lung, it turned out to be a cyst with worms!

Another case: Man, 61 years old. He died of cirrhosis of the liver. Relatives believed alcohol was the cause. The man did not drink enough to cause alcoholic liver damage; here the liver was attacked by parasites. I found hundreds of channels through which worms moved.

Another incident that shocked me. The brain of a 49-year-old patient was completely infected with parasites and their larvae. The cause of death was ischemic stroke. But this is only the result!

The parasites fed on human brain tissue and ate them alive! All the patient felt was a severe headache.

For most of her life, the patient suffered from headaches, insomnia, and memory problems. Once most of the brain was affected, epilepsy was added. The woman died six months later.

By Brianna Morris-Grant for NBC News
US presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy has disclosed in a deposition that a parasitic worm "ate a portion" of his brain and subsequently died, resulting in a series of health challenges.
A recent investigation by The New York Times uncovered details from a 2012 deposition where the independent presidential candidate disclosed experiencing memory loss and mental fog. His symptoms became so debilitating that friends feared he might have a brain tumor. However, Kennedy explained that a doctor diagnosed him with a deceased parasite lodged in his brain instead.

“Movement” of parasites in the intestinal lumen.

This is not an approximate figure, but a real statistic since 78% of natural deaths are caused by parasites. There were approximately 1.5 million deaths in 2022.

People die because of parasites - they destroy organs, leave toxins in the blood, and feed on brain and lung tissue!

80% of fatal diseases are associated with parasites!

— I can not believe it! Sounds fatal...

— By the way, did you know that humanity will be hit by a new and extremely dangerous epidemic? Following the recent wave of COVID-19, overall herd immunity has fallen to such low levels that it has allowed the worst parasitic infections to run unchecked.

There are different types of parasites living inside each of us, but now they are growing and multiplying at such an incredible rate that very soon we will have hundreds of thousands and even millions of deaths. The parasites simply begin to eat us from the inside. Attention, these are real facts and no exaggeration!

Papillomas are the first obvious symptoms of parasite infection! Other obvious symptoms are fatigue, dizziness, migraines, and bowel movements.

Types of papillomas.

Topic secrecy and pharmaceuticals

— Why is everyone silent on this topic?! Are they afraid of mass panic?

— Yes, I think that's one of the reasons. In our country, pathologists only write the final cause of death, and no one says that the death was caused by a parasitic infection. But there are many more influencing factors. Did you know, for example, that in America there are diseases that doctors cannot treat at all? Parasitic infestations are too often not taken seriously enough.

Medicines in America are not cheap at all, and insurance is not free either. That's why many of us only see a doctor when it's too late and the symptoms can no longer be ignored.

Do people see a doctor right away when they experience stomach pain, constipation, diarrhea, or bloating? But these are the first symptoms that cannot be ignored!

I have been a pathologist for many years. I've seen things that would make your hair stand on end. People underestimate risks. They think that parasites are worms that live in the stomach and intestines. But that's not true. There are many types of parasites.

Symptoms of parasites.

For example, there are tiny but very toxic ones that will poison your body. They enter the bloodstream and heart and release life-threatening toxins. It starts with ischemia, then develops heart failure, then hypertension, and finally stroke or heart attack. These worms infect the lungs, and liver, move to the brain and even get into the eyes!

— What about the usual anthelmintics used in the fight against worms, which can also be bought in pharmacies? Will they bring no results?

— Unfortunately, what is now sold in pharmacies is outdated and does not give any results. Finally, parasites are very adaptable. They have long adapted to these active substances and have developed an immune system against conventional drugs.

These substances no longer pose a threat to helminths, but are still toxic to humans. This is why they have so many side effects because they destroy healthy intestinal and liver tissue along with parasites. As a result, internal organs are destroyed, immunity deteriorates and parasites multiply even faster.

Here we need a completely different approach, which has already been discovered. Some drugs paralyze parasites so that they can no longer reproduce.

Rescue found!

— Is there a solution to the problem? Can you tell us more about this?

— Certainly. There is a remedy that can reliably and safely remove all types of parasites from the body and create immunity against them. But you can't buy it at the pharmacy.

This is a SweetRelief . This is a unique and only two-phase drug on the market that is capable of destroying all types of parasites and is completely harmless to humans.

SweetRelief is an invention of the American Institute of Molecular Biology. For this, she was awarded the European Prize “For a significant discovery in medicine” at the International Congress in Geneva and was recognized by the world's leading parasitologists.

Unlike other drugs, SweetRelief has an extremely effective, but at the same time purely natural formula, developed based on safe natural ingredients.

Take one gummy in the morning on an empty stomach with a glass of water. The active ingredients of this drug are deadly to parasites and completely harmless to the human body. When helminths accumulate in the body, SweetRelief blocks all vital functions of the parasites and makes it impossible to lay eggs. Accordingly, in single-celled parasites, the process of cell division is blocked.

In addition, SweetRelief contains anti-inflammatory and immunostimulating components that restore intestinal flora and disrupt the healing processes of poisoned cells and tissues.

SweetRelief cleanses the blood, lymph, and intercellular spaces from toxic waste products of parasites and prevents the spread of papillomavirus.

Results of clinical studies of the effect of the drug SweetRelief . 1250 participants: Canberra, Gold Coast, Perth.

It seems that this is such a sensational discovery that pharmacies would have to stand in line to get such a drug on their shelves. But no. Complete silence. No one seemed to notice the discovery.

Money to nowhere

— But why is this happening?

— Everything is clear here. Pharmacies are, first of all, a very profitable business. Therefore, it is not profitable for pharmacies to sell products that help in the long term.

Judge for yourself. Every year people buy regular anti-parasite pills, which, by the way, are also quite expensive. And the next year, tests again showed that the parasites were present again. And again you spend money at the pharmacy to buy pills. It turns out to be a vicious circle in which the pharmacy earns more and more. After all, they have thousands and hundreds of thousands of such buyers.

At the same time, pharmaceutical tablets destroy the stomach, intestines, liver, kidneys, and other organs. And treat them again, you'll come back to buy something. Where? At the pharmacy, of course. And so the networks have more and more of this money.

SweetRelief is a product with a completely new approach. Helps get rid of the problem once and for all. Once you clear your body of parasites, you will build an immune system against reinfection.

You no longer need the pills and the pharmacy loses its source of income.

Effect of SweetRelief on your body

— How long should I take these body cleansing gummies?

SweetRelief cleanses the body step by step.

1 week

By reducing the toxic effect of parasites, fatigue and apathy disappear. Digestion and appetite will return to normal. Already in the first week, you will see an improvement in your mood and performance.

2-3 weeks

Thanks to the additional therapeutic effect of plant extracts, the immune system is strengthened, and allergic reactions and other health problems are reduced.

4-5 weeks

After eliminating the toxic effect of parasites on the body, clear improvements will be visible, and a rejuvenating effect can also be noted. Rashes, including papillomas, begin to disappear.

6-7 weeks

The digestive system and all internal processes are normalized, obesity is minimized, and heart functions work properly again. After the course, many overcame all the health problems that had plagued them for many years. These gummies will extend your life by 10-15 years!

— After such a cleansing of the SweetRelief , body will the condition change dramatically?

— You will notice a lot after SweetRelief treatment! Because parasites have a detrimental effect on the entire body. The result of cleansing is that the body is completely renewed. And many also say they feel like newborns.

The immune system begins to work at full capacity and also protects the skin from cancer!

The immune system is also dependent on the gut. If you have parasites there, they weaken our body's immune system. Immunity protects not only against viruses such as Covid-19. The main function of a strong immune system is to protect against cancer cells. A strong immune system recognizes and destroys cancer cells promptly.

An immune system functioning at least 50% is already an insurmountable barrier to viruses, and this is very important today. And this is also very important today.

My fellow doctors and I have developed a special rapid test for online diagnostics. The test is anonymous, take it and find out whether you are infected with parasites or not.

Find out if you are infected with parasites!

Run test

How old are you?


Are you a man or a woman?


What symptoms do you have? (you can select several)

Find out the result


The probability of parasitic infestation in your case is 92%.

The risk of developing serious complications in subsequent months is 80%!

You need to undergo a complete cleansing of parasites, but only with the help of a natural remedy. The body's toxic load is at a critical level, so the use of other chemical antiparasitic agents may aggravate the situation.

Where to order SweetRelief ?

— You said that the SweetRelief is not available in pharmacies. But where to buy it?

— Yes, where available, all Americans can order SweetRelief online directly from the manufacturer through a special discount program.

— Why is this product only available online?

— This happened for three reasons:

  1. Quality control. SweetRelief is supplied to the customer directly from the factory.
  2. Protection from intermediaries. Where the product sells for 10, 20, or even 30 times more.
  3. Fast-targeted delivery.

As I already said, the Social Assistance Fund program is already being implemented. This program allows you to order SweetRelief with a 40-50% discount.

Therefore, as a doctor, I strongly recommend: Don’t waste your time! There will never be such a second chance. How long the program will last and how long the SweetRelief will remain in stock is unknown.




You can pick up SweetRelief with a 50% discount.


Layla Richardson Perth

I ordered the SweetRelief 8 months ago, there was no discount program then. I read how a woman died from a drug from a pharmacy against parasites (I won’t name names). This scared me and I started looking for something effective and without side effects. I definitely won’t bother my body anymore! I live in a private house, I have my garden, I constantly work with the soil there, and this is a direct path to infection with parasites. I've been taking these gummies for a month now and I feel MUCH BETTER! Papilloma has disappeared

Lily Foster Gold Coast

Yesterday I received a package in the mail. Delivery is very fast, only 2 days! Tomorrow I will start treatment, I hope my overall health and skin condition will improve. I have papillomas. And they are 100% parasites.

Stella Howard Canberra

Wow, I also got papillomas, right after Covid-19. I also received the SweetRelief package today. Thank you very much!

Ethan Smith Brisbane

I have had stomach problems for a long time. And although I regularly go to the doctor, I do not get satisfactory results. I did everything: blood tests, urine tests, cardiograms, but no one wanted to check me for parasites for any reason! I took the test here on the website and I have all the symptoms: weakness, papillomas, and recently I couldn’t go to the toilet for a week. I ordered SweetRelief because it is the last resort for me.

Liam Williams Perth

I didn't know parasites could cause such serious illnesses!

Natalie Bennett Sunshine Coast

But why can't pharmacies sell it if it's such a good product? I am computer savvy and can order goods online, but can absolutely everyone do this? My mother is 75 years old, she only knows how the telephone works and only how to make calls. I think we are lucky that we found the program and can order it now. And if you haven't read about it, you can't know anything about it.

Lucy Murray Wollongong

Thanks for the useful information. We took SweetRelief for a month and my husband and I began to feel much better! And yes, in the second week, all the things left the body!! I was shocked, I even took a photo!! People, cleanse your body!!

Zoe Gray Lake Macquarie

God what a nightmare!!! Tests also confirmed that I also have parasites in my body. The doctor also sent me to the pharmacy to get some pills, but I have diabetes and kidney disease. I decided to try SweetRelief because these gummies are also cheaper now.

Noah Brown Sydney

Since when do pharmacies sell you normal products? They must do what they are paid to do. The whole country is corrupt!

James Taylor Wagga Wagga

Hello, I didn't initially think that parasites were the cause of my problems. And then papillomas appeared, although I never had them. I never noticed all this. And then the heart and liver became worried. So I ordered these SweetRelief drops and started taking them in the morning. And in two days we'll see what comes of it. If you tend to vomit, it's best not to watch.

William Jones Brisbane

I got rid of parasites with SweetRelief ! I feel like a newborn! If only I had known in advance that these parasites were the cause of my illnesses! Now I have ordered the drug for the whole family, while the offer is still valid.

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When my papillomas began to grow, I immediately realized that they were parasites! I ordered SweetRelief , but unfortunately without a discount, it’s certainly not that cheap. However, I removed all the parasites from my body. The papillomas disappeared on their own! And in my body, I had this:

Claire Richardson Vukovar

Yes, the stories are scary. And my friend was taken straight from work to intensive care. Day after day he fell ill. Parasites again! The only thing that scares you is the thought that they are eating you from the inside, and you don’t even know it. In the condition he was in, it was seriously life-threatening!

Taylor Sullivan Perth

I also got rid of parasites in my body with the help of SweetRelief ! Now I feel great! If only I had known earlier that all these parasites were the cause of my illnesses! So I ordered it for the whole family, for my son, for my daughter, if there is a good discount. I picked it up at the post office today.

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Thank you for the useful information, your article helped me a lot. I had problems with the gastrointestinal tract, I took SweetRelief for a month and my stomach stopped hurting and my heart stopped bothering me. This is good preparation.

Lucas Davis Gosford

Thank you doctor for the advice. I ordered SweetRelief , the whole family will remove the parasites, you scared us with your stories))

Skylar Foster Canberra

If this is such a good drug, then why is it not sold in pharmacies? Why order only online?

Henry Wilson Newcastle

Skylar Foster, you were told that selling to pharmacies is not worth it.

Sadie Harrison Tamworth

My favorite brand for parasites is SweetRelief . I repeat this treatment regularly, twice a year. I've heard about this product for a long time. It is natural, does not harm the body, and immediately gets rid of all parasites. I got the following papillomas:

Daniel White Darwin

Some health problems are already a help from the body. If any symptoms appear, there is no harm in cleansing the body! I believe that everyone should have regular preventative care. Especially those who work in rural areas like me.

Paisley Walsh Palmerston

I cleansed my body SweetRelief ! This is a real paradise on earth from a health point of view. I have always had high blood pressure as well as cardiac arrhythmias. And as soon as I removed the parasites from my body, all the diseases immediately went away. I feel 20 years younger.

Michael Clark Adelaide

In March, on the advice of a cardiologist friend, I underwent a SweetRelief treatment course. I can tell you that it also has a big impact on the immune system. During all this time, I never got sick, even when all the sick people around me sneezed.

Aurora Butler Canberra

I signed up for the drawing, received a very good discount, and bought the drug at a very low price. The parcel arrived in Canberra in less than 2 days, the service was good, the managers were pleasant, kind and professional... Payment is made by cash on delivery


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